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Fashion Design Workshops
and the Queen’s Dress

We have been working with a young and talented visual artist and fashion designer Kyla Broad on a special gift for her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee while learning many new practical skills such as sketching, designing, tailoring and modelling. The sketches and pattern paintings are all original Shine students’ artwork.


Eleven students have recently took part in 5 fashion design workshops at Shine Saturday School and made patterns and line ups for the Queen’s dress as well as their own garments.


The silk ball gown includes prints of our pupils’ values, beliefs and affirmations such as love, peace and kindness.  


The dress will be displayed at Elys Wimbledon during the Jubilee weekend, and again at Canons House on the 18th June during Canons Fair.


Finally, the Wimbledon Tennis Museum will host another appearance after the Championships. After the tour, the dress will be posted to the Buckingham Palace.


The Queens dress is Kyla’s final project on Fashion Design course at University of Creative Arts. 

The Heist – short film

The Heist is a short film devised and performed by the students at Shine. We started our sessions by thinking of things we relate to the royal family. Students choose a few of the most interesting answers as a starting point for their story, until eventually they came up with the idea for a heist.

We plotted out the story, thinking about what problems could take place within it, and students chose what characters they wanted to play.


They created short scenes in rehearsals that the facilitators scripted and then we practiced in the workshop.


Finally we worked with a filmmaker to bring our story to life and this film is the end result!

Shine Camera Club

During Summer term, at Shine, children were offered a chance to learn the art of Photography. As part of the programme they were introduced to learning how to compose and take photographs. They went out on a trip to an art gallery, in central London, to see the art of famous graffiti artist Banksy.

The students have made cyanotype (Sun) prints, photographed nature in macro (close-up) and created abstract food landscapes (edible pictures).


After taking pictures they edited their images using professional software. The results are outstanding!!!


The project has been supported by Lets Create Fund, Art Council England. 

To learn more link about our camera club click the following link:​  

The Shiny Chef Cooking Club

The Shiny Chef cooking workshop included a combination of fun and educational cooking activities for children at SHINE to help them develop important life skills. Encouraging children to cook was a great way to improve their healthy eating habits and in addition to this there was a whole host of benefits that came from children being a part of this workshop. The benefits are outlined as follows:


  • Teaching children to cook helped them to become aware of hazards in the kitchen and other places where food was prepared.  They spotted the hazards together and decided how they can avoid potential accidents.  In every lesson, the children internalised and remembered how to stay safe whilst having fun cooking.

  • Cooking also helped to develop their planning and time management skills.  Working independently and as part of a team they were able to clearly see and reap the rewards of keeping to a plan and strict time schedule.

  • This workshop cross-linked with other core areas of the curriculum as it required hands on use of a variety of maths concepts, including weight and measurement. When preparing the afternoon tea party for everyone at SHINE, children had to vary the volumes, quantity etc. This was dependant on how many children and adults attending SHINE were going to enjoy their culinary delights of delicious sandwiches and scones on the day! Following recipes also gave children a meaningful reading comprehension exercise. 

  • Whilst it was important that children learn to follow instructions, the cooking workshop provided the opportunity to nurture their creativity and teach them the importance of good presentation.

  • In addition to the above, children were involved in the shopping for ingredients. This helped to develop their budgeting skills and knowledge of where foods come from, as well as how to store foods correctly and plan menus for the week ahead.

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